software maintenance

The first thing you notice is the blue screen and nothing else on your computer is a nightmare in broad daylight. The constant errors popping up on your screen each time you try to do something, is another level or frustration. Or maybe your device fails to startup at all! And many more, we know that situations like these are more than enough to occupy your head at work resulting into poor productivity at work increased amount of stress.

According to our study we have found that 85% of times the startup problems are caused by poor or no Software Maintenance & Support. The errors which generally make your computer unusable are generally caused by compatibility issue for about 68% of times caused by the incorrect or poor upgrades, additions made to the computers software fabric. Thus it a device with no adequate Software Maintenance & Support is more likely to cause problems than the one with it.

There could be a vide number of issue which may crop up however our trained team of engineers are all geared up to fix these. Below are few issues we are good at

  •  Blue Screen error

  •  Stop Error

  •  Press F1 to continue problems

  •  Computer won't start up

  •  Unable to shut down computer

  •  Repeated windows updates

  •  Slow pc

  •  MS office issues

  •  Windows OS errors

  •  New software installation and updates

  •  Operating System upgrades

  •  Software maintenance and Support

Every computer is unique with its set of hardware and software's put on it. As a result the solutions differ from similar problems from computer to computer. We at believe in prevention more than the cure which is why we recommend periodic software maintenance and support services for your computer. Incase if you are troubled by any issues for your computer, you need not bother about it. We are just a phone call away!

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