hardware repair

You accidently dropped your laptop, the cat ran over the keyboard, the computer screen seems haunted or your laptop had a cup of coffee! Are a few situations which we are certain you must have encountered? The scariest part is the aftermath of countless follow-ups with a dozen contacts to have your device sorted out followed up with a bomb of expense.

At techassistant.in we understand the pressure your feel about your machine, personal data, time and money and thus we always remain equipped to handle all such cases of IT hardware support.

We offer IT hardware support services to ensure that any hardware damage is fixed at the most time and cost effective way.

A few of the Hardware repairs we are good at

  •  Laptop display problem

  •  No display on laptop or desktop

  •  Screen Damage

  •  Broken Keyboard

  •  No sound from Speaker

  •  Laptop touchpad not working

  •  Over heating of computer

  •  Battery problems

  •  No power to computer

Our IT Hardware Support Services provide remedial and preventive services that physically optimize or repair hardware, including first time setup, installation, maintenance contract and one time fixes. So the next time you encounter any physical damage or hardware issue with your computer or electronic gadgets, you need not worry much about it. We are just a phone call away!

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