internet security

The world is fast shrinking and nothing is out of reach, thanks the ever growing access and internet speed. Smart phones and computers are our gateway to the internet. Our daily lives depend on it.

From checking the last update on facebook to paying your bills, from ordering food to transferring cash to your loved ones, all activities are made possible through a common medium of internet. Internet has become a household name and with it wireless internet is has become a must. As it offers all the luxuries of internet at our place of convenience!

Do you know that India has the second largest internet user base in the world! Yet only 34.8% of our population is connected to internet. However our growth rate is phenomenal. India has expanded 30.5% in the year 2015-2016. These no's are good to look at but are they really worth a look here? Off course it is, let us show you how. The fast pace of growing internet users means a growing neighborhood of internet users hungry for internet access. The growing appetite for internet access is fulfilled by mobile network carriers, internet providers, etc however there remains a danger of your internet access being exploited just for internet usage or for mischievous reasons.

At Techassistant.In we understand the risk involved onto a live internet connection and are prepared to deal with it. Our Internet and Wifi security team believes that it is our collective duty to ensure that internet access is not used for any illegal or criminal activity.

A few basic internet and wifi security issues are

  •  Wifi network being hacked

  •  Identity Theft

  •  LAN and Internet setup

  •  Internet sharing

  •  Securing your internet access

  •  Restriction of internet access for outsiders and parental control

Our Internet and Wifi security team supports all kinds of home networking and devices. So do not worry about such issues and let the experts do the job for you. We are just a call away!

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