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Hardware Repair

You accidently dropped your laptop, the cat ran over the keyboard, the computer screen seems haunted or your laptop had a cup of coffee!


The first thing you notice is the blue screen and nothing else on your computer is a nightmare in broad daylight.The constant errors popping..


The world is fast shrinking and nothing is out of reach, thanks the ever growing access and internet speed.Smart phones and computers..


The Apple technology not only offers an intuitive but a seamless experience for its user.The technology offers varied products ranging..


Every rose has its thorn! And the thorn for computers and internet are the security and virus related issues. A worst nightmare..


Did you crack your LCD Pc screen or laptop's screen, Don't scrap it yet. Let us take a look, we fix those too! Enquire Now. If you don't, do your research


Did it ever occur to you; what if all your data, information and details you have stored on your computer has been lost forever!..


There is a lot of competition in todays digital world and is demanding an upgrade. With this all the strategies of businesses..

window server support

Tech Assistant helps small businesses to Deploy, Manage and Troubleshoot All types Windows Servers within your environment..

amc support

Most users never think about cleaning their PCs, and neither do our clients, because we make sure all their machines are cleaned..

cctv camera

Now a day's CCTV Security & Surveillance systems are not only limited to security means, but also helps in increasing productivity

remote support

Remote Support Services allows our local technicians to provide you with fast service while saving you money and increasing productivity

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